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Menu / Price List

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How do I order a Custom Cake?

If you know the cake design you want, you can call at (510) 325-2601. If you’re not sure what cake design you want, you are welcome to submit your needs via our Contact Us link and we will gladly assist you in designing your cake. If possible, it is a good idea to have an image, invitation or party napkin for design inspiration. For Wedding cakes, it is suggested that you call ahead to schedule an appointment for a consultation. 

What is the price range?

Standard decorated 10 inch round birthday cakes start at about $85. This size cake serves up to 30 birthday cake slices. Two tier cakes start at $150. Prices go up from there based on size and complexity. Call or email us for more specific pricing information. 

Price range for Wedding Cakes?

 Wedding cakes iced in buttercream start at $4 per serving, so if you want a cake to serve 100 people, you can expect the price to start around $400. Fondant cakes are more per serving. A good rule of thumb is  the more elaborate, intricate, and time consuming the cake is, the greater price range you should expect. We DO NOT charge extra for fillings or different flavors of cake. It’s your cake…it should be the flavor you want.  Please know always try to work with all client needs. 

How soon do I need to order?

We work to accommodate most time frames, however finalizing an order at least 2-4 weeks in advance is quite common.  The more ample notice the greater the chance of securing a booking. 

Do you make cupcakes?

 Yes we do!! I dare say our cupcakes are “The Best”. They are baked fresh with FROM SCRATCH recipes using only the finest ingredients. Our flavors are a variety of classic and contemporary. Some cupcakes have a yummy filling for an extra burst of flavor. 

What other treats do you make?

The other treats we make are basic cake pops, pound cakes and old fashion traditional layer cakes.